The Judge Ruled that Dr. Ayman Attia Sexually Harassed his Employee After Hearing the Victim and Dr. Ayman Attia Testify in Person

Both the Complainant and Dr. Ayman Attia testified at the hearing.  Dr. Ayman Attia, on behalf of himself and New York Internal Medicine, P.C.,  actually tried to deny sexually harassing his female employee.  He also had his Office Manager testify.  The victim testified, along with another employee who witnessed Dr. Ayman Attia’s sexual harassment.  After hearing both sides, the ALJ ruled that Complainant “has shown that she was subjected to sexual harassment based upon a hostile work environment. Attia subjected her to unwelcome hugs and physically touched her repeatedly.” (P. 7).  The ALJ ruled that Dr. Ayman Attia sexually harassed his employee.

The Administrative Law Judge also found that “Attia’s behavior was witnessed by Complainant’s co-worker,” and that “[s]uch behavior is objectively offensive and had the effect of altering Complainant’s work environment.” The Administrative Law Judge found that Complainant “established that she was the victim of a sexually hostile work environment.” (P. 8). He also found that Dr. Ayman Attia “hugged, grabbed, and touched Complainant” and “made offensive comments and sent offensive texts.” (P. 9).

The Administrative Law Judge heard the testimony of numerous witnesses over several days, and reviewed many documents entered into evidence, before issuing his decision.  The Administrative Law Judge ruled that Dr. Ayman Attia sexually harassed his female employee.  As a result, Dr. Ayman Attia and New York Internal Medicine, P.C. were ordered to pay more than $55,000 in damages.  Dr. Ayman Attia filed objections with the Commissioner of the New York State Division of Human Rights, but they were all denied.  Dr. Ayman Attia and New York Internal Medicine, P.C. remain liable for his sexual harassment.