Did Dr. Ayman Attia Sexually Harass his Employee?  Yes, according to the New York State Division of Human Rights.

According to the findings of the Administrative Law Judge, later adopted by the Commissioner of the New York State Division of Human Rights, Doctor Ayman Attia, from New York Internal Medicine, P.C., Dr. Attia engaged in different forms of sexual harassment – some verbal and some physical.  According to the findings of the Administrative Law Judge, Dr. Ayman Attia repeatedly hugged Complainant. More specifically, he “’let his hands scroll down [her] back to could feel [her] butt. This happened so many times.’” (ALJ’s Findings adopted by the Commissioner, p. 3, ¶ 5).

Another employee saw Dr. Ayman Attia hug Complainant “real tight and she turned red and uncomfortable.” (P. 3, ¶ 8).
Dr. Ayman Attia “joked about adding a stripper pole in the basement” and asked if an interviewee was “pretty enough for the practice” (P. 3, ¶9).

Dr. Ayman Attia also sent a text to Complainant stating, “I appreciate you and Bruna a lot and will do the best I can to make you happy.” (P. 3, ¶ 10).

Dr. Ayman Attia texted this Complainant referring to her as “my wife” and asked “are you cheating on me?” (P. 3, ¶ 13).

Another employee texted Complainant that Dr. Ayman Attia was “always looking at [her] ass,” and that “he made comments about her breasts.” (P. 4, ¶ 14).

Dr. Ayman Attia told Complainant that she “did not work in a medical office ‘because [her] butt was too huge’ and that she ‘should work in a bar.’” (P. 4, ¶ 15).

Dr. Ayman Attia also “grabbed and rubbed Complainant’s leg and called her ‘my friend’ and ‘honey bunny.’” (P. 4, ¶ 18).

The victim and other employees testified at a hearing at the New York State Division of Human Rights.  Dr. Ayman Attia and his Office Manager also testified.  The Administrative Law Judge had to answer the question – did Dr. Ayman Attia sexually harass his employee?  The ALJ ruled that Dr. Ayman Attia and New York Medicine, P.C. were liable for more than $55,000 because t Dr. Ayman Attia did sexually harass his employee.